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      Propaganda Propaganda

      Location :
      DATES : July 11th to 14th

      North American Premiere

      60 minutes | Australie
      37 $ | 32 $

      “Be kind.. Eat your vedgies … Ride a bike … Garden nude”: from London to Brazil, by way of Paris, Madrid, and Copenhagen, Australia’s acrobat Troupe brings its mottos to life with conviction and quirky humour. Audiences are drawn into a non-conformist universe alongside eccentric, lively, and endearing characters. Not only is the public lapping it up, they are screaming for more! An idealistic, unhinged, and utterly brilliant show whose time has come. 

      Price details : 
      From 34,70$ to 39,05$ including fees (39,90$ to 44,90$ taxes included)

      Stage Direction: acrobat
      Acrobats: Jo-Ann Lancaster + Simon Yates

      Technical Director: Ryan Taplin + Simon McLure
      Music: Tim Barrass + acrobat

      Production and Management: Marguerite Pepper Productions + acrobat
      Photos: Andre Baumecker + Ponch Hawkes